Popup message, "Command sent", etc

I just sent an email to the Fully Kiosk team, but I figured I’d ask here as well…

Are the popup message I get when pressing a button on my dashboard, such as “Command sent”, “Executing command” a function of Sharptools? If so, is there a way to turn them off, or make them disappear quicker? Many times they don’t disappear at all and fill up the screen until I restart the Fire tablet.


Edit your theme and, with “Advanced” enabled, add the following to “Custom CSS” at the very bottom

.toast.green { display: none }
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Made the change, restarted fire tablet, no change. I found the discussion about this and assuming I did everything right (and it wasn’t hard), is there something else I need to restart?

I think I have it… I had never switched to my copy of an official theme and was still using that theme. Going to test it again.

Yep that got it… thank you.

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The approach @IslandSoul mentioned is a good one as it basically hides all the green ‘success’ type of toast pop-ups.

This is a bit of a “canary in the coal mine” for a potentially bigger issue. So it’s mildly concerning to hide the notifications if there’s some sort of issue like this that you won’t be able to see anymore. The concern is it could eventually drag the performance of the tablet down if those elements are being generated and getting stuck, but they’re hidden so you can’t see that happening.

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It’s been happening from day 1 I believe, so I’m not too concerned. In every other respect, since I have the tablet auto restart every day, the UI works fine. Hopefully it’s nothing that will blow up in my face.

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Sorry this is off topic but wondering how you automate the tablet restarting every day?

Sorry just saw this…

I use an app called Refresh Me! Nice because you don’t need root. It simulates button presses. It doesn’t have great reviews, but once I got it setup, worked like a charm for me.

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