Popp thermostat gives Error sending command

I have some Popp thermostats and I cannot change the heatingSetPoint. In my Dashboard the temparature show with a decimal “,”. I have also a variable which shows the temperature of de Popp-device and this has a decimal “.”.

After changing the heatingSetPint in my dashboard I get the error: Error sending command. All switches and other devices work well. I would like to know what is going wrong. And is there more logging than only this error message.

Decimal point

Are you using a community driver to connect the device to SmartThings?

I pulled logs from around the time you posted and it looks like SmartThings is reporting an error that the ‘Thermostat’ capability is throwing an error. From what I can tell, it looks like the device is reporting that it supports a generic Thermostat capability (in addition to the more specific Heating Setpoint and Cooling Setpoint capabilities), but it isn’t accepting the command on the Thermostat capability.

It seems like the device developer should update the integration to drop the deprecated Thermostat capability and it would resolve the issue.