Poor mans Homeseer connection questions

My main HA hub is homeseer. I use Allonis MyServer for all of my touchscreens but I just registered SharpTools and have started playing around with the intent to switch off MyServer as soon as possible. I have a Hubitat hub - use it mostly for devices that don’t work in homeseer - zigbee primarily. So I connected that to SharpTools and I am up and running.

Knowing that Homeseer is not supported directly I decided to see if I could home grow some capabilities. (as an aside I think there is a huge potential for homeseer connectivity as their touchscreen capabilities are circa 1985).

First thing I am trying to do is to create a tile that turns on/off a homeseer device using JSON calls. I added this as a hyperlink and created a tile. Problem is that the hyperlink calls a screen in homeseer which responds with the success or failure of the command. I would like to suppress this. Is this possible?

Also, is it possible to call SharpTools from Homeseer through a JSON call to set a variable in SharpTools so I can keep track of devices. Thanks.

Do you mean you want to hide the command sent/failed message in the screen when tapped? If so, you can use the custom CSS in the Themes and Styles feature to hide the display.

.toast { display: none }

This is not supported now, but there is a Feature Request for triggering a Rule by HTTP/Webhook that you may want to vote your interests. The idea here is to include the data in the request that to be exposed in the rule execution and to be assigned to a variable.

Hey James. Thanks for the response. I will definitely vote on the second item.

On the first item, I am actually trying to suppress the window that comes from homeseer. I am issuing an http JSON call to homeseer to trigger a command. I am using the hyperlink tile to do this. When I click on the tile I want it to run the http command but not open the window as all it shows is whether the command worked or not.

I have not figured out how to do this? Thanks.

@simon, thanks for the clarification. Are you using the REST API syntax in the Hyperlink tiles as described in this post? Or please post/pm me the link if you are already using the syntax described in the post below, but still have the window prompt issue.


$.post(“https://your.cool.url”, { “mantra”: “This is the way”})