Pollen Count on the Dashboard

I have been trying to find a pollen count to use as a media image on the dashboard and have not had any luck. I use ST and came across the Ready For Nature smart app used with the Pollen Virtual Sensor. I was hoping it would pull into SharpTools like the ST Weather tile does but that didn’t work.

Any Suggestions? Anybody else manage to find a usable pollen count source?

Is it this Ready for Nature SmartApp? Looking through that thread, I found a link to a custom Pollen Virtual Sensor which is what I assume you’re referring to.

Since it only has the Sensor capability and doesn’t have any other capabilities like Switch, Temperature, etc. it won’t show up in the normal list of authorizations, but you can authorize it following these instructions:

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Thanks Josh. That is the correct one.
I’ll give it a shot with your recommendation.

Got it. Thanks Josh. Both the Pollen and the Air Quality worked.



I’m also interested in such a Grass Pollen and Air Quality tile. How does it work to add this tile?