"Please wait" message and/or spinning hourglass - how to?

I just recently added my locks to Sharptools. They are z-wave Kwikset locks - notoriously badly behaved.

Here is the question, when you tap the tile to lock, it takes a while for the tile to reflect the locked state. This is because these locks take a while to do what they are told. As an aside I have no idea why this is when light switches and other devices always respond immediately, but that is another story. I am using an excellent device handler in Hubitat called Reliable Locks (something that is a bit of an oxymoron when dealing with automated locks). In the event that the lock doesn’t do what it is told, something that happens a fair amount of time, reliable checks the logs and tries and tries again.

So from the UI, it looks like you pressed the tile and nothing is happening for a few seconds or more sometimes if reliable needs to intervene. What happens now is that the user keeps pushing the tile thinking the first command didn’t get through.

So is it possible to put an overlay or something on the tile, spinning hourglass, please wait message, etc. which stays until the tile changes state from unlocked to locked to let the user know it is being worked on? Thanks.

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