Play track from google drive

I have Echo and I want to play a track saved in my google drive by pressing a virtual button in ST app, I create a Rule Engine, and the setting is as follow:
Select Command: executeSequenceCommand.
Input argument 0: String: https:// drive…sharing (shareable link).
But it does not work nothing is playing in my Echo, if I change the command like play a jock it works, that is mean the integration is ok.
I know something is missing in my Rule Engine setting, please any help.


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. My understanding is that the Echo Speaks device does not support playing media files as noted by the device handler author:

I think the rule of thumb is if you can physically say the command to your Amazon Echo device, then it can be reproduced in Echo Speaks.

The most common approach is to try to find a sound, song, etc on a relevant music provider that’s supported by Alexa.

Thanx for your reply, so I will keep using " My Pod" Amazon skill to listen to music saved in google drive.
Is there a way to fire “My Pod” skill from Smart Tools instead of saying: " alexa, ask My Pod to play my music?

Hi @Abed_Zaatari, I wasn’t be able to find any command supported by Echo Speaks to ask My Pod to play music. (Echo Speaks command lists).

Buy you may want to suggest Echo Speaks author to implement this feature and here is the Echo Speak’s git hub page.

I appreciate your reply, Thanx to all.