Play sound on Fire tablets

Hi - I am new to SharpTools and converting tasks that were performed by Webcore over to SharpTools to run on my SmartThings system. I have five wall mounted Fire tablets and when doors open I would like SharpTools to play a chime and then speak ‘Front door open’. I can see the ‘speak’ command in the rules engine and the Fire tablets appear in the device list, but I cannot see a way to play an MP3 file on the tablet.
Can someone point me in the right direction?

Hi Paul-
Welcome to the community and thanks for posting! What device handler or driver are you using for interacting with your Fire tablets?

Thanks for the quick reply. I am using the Fully Kiosk Browser Device Type Handler. I think I added this in Groovy but seems to have ported over to the new SmartThings update OK. I can locate it in SmartThings and have it play a ‘identify’ sound and I can have the tablet speak using a SmartThings routine. For example say ‘Front door open’ when triggered by the front door sensor.


Thanks for the additional details. The Groovy driver will eventually die when SmartThings completely shuts down Groovy this quarter. I put together an Edge Driver for Fully Kiosk devices for SharpTools Premium members (as a personal side project). If you end up upgrading to premium, ping me and I can send you the details.

Unfortunately, since the Fully Kiosk Controller DTH implemented the playSound() command as a custom command without using a custom capability, it’s not available in SmartThings’ next-gen APIs. As an alternative to the Groovy DTH from the community or the Edge Driver that I put together, you might be able to use the community developed Web Requestor Driver to send the appropriate request to the Fully Kiosk API directly.

Thanks Josh. I fully intend to sign up as a premium member. I only just started playing with SharpTools this morning and am impressed so far. So if I get your Shrptools DTH I can use the PlayMusic action to play an MP3 sound like a chime when doors open?

Is this easy to do?

Yes, there’s a number of ‘native’ commands exposed along with a generic execute() command that lets you access all of the features of Fully Kiosk’s API.

So with the driver, you would use the execute() with the following arguments:

To be perfectly transparent, this is just an extra thing I put together in my spare time and figured I would reserve it for premium members. It’s not an ‘official’ SharpTools feature.

Hi Josh - I signed up for a year of Premium. Can you tell me how to disable the Fully Kiosk Browser DTH, load your SharpTools one and use it to play sound files?


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PM sent with details. :slight_smile:

Thanks Josh. Got it. The hard work now commences!

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I assume that before I work through your instructions to load the new DTH, the old Fully Kiosk Browser DTH should be deleted/unlinked from SmartThings?


It’s not required, but you might find it helpful to avoid confusion.

Unlike a Z-wave or Zigbee device where a physical device can only be connected to a single DTH or Driver at once, LAN devices could in theory have multiple ‘Things’ created that all point to the same ‘physical’ device.

I don’t recall the Fully Kiosk Controller DTH having anything that would interfere with the driver, so I don’t think it should be a major issue to have them both exist at the same time. At the very least, you might want to use a good naming convention so you can differentiate between each as you work on transitioning things over. That way when you’re done, you can delete the old devices completely.

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I do this frequently. I name the older device ‘xxxxxxx - Legacy’ while I test the new ST device.

It also helps not to delete the older device before the replacement is added if it’s used in ST automations. You can then just go in to the automation and switch devices when ready.

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Very good tip. Thanks Josh. I will rename until I get the new DTH online.


OK. I renamed the five wall mounted Android tablets I have to add the ‘-Legacy’ as suggested above. I did this in The SmartThings App. I then started SharpTools but the names had not been changed. Eventually I managed to get the ‘Things’ to show up with their new names but only by scrolling to the bottom of the list of ‘Things’ under my Hub and clicking ‘Disconnect’. Then I added the SmartThings back into SharpTools.

What am I missing? Is there a way of forcing a synchronization of the devices that SharpTools has with SmartThings? There has to be a better way!


You can proceed through the authorization flow again from your User Page → Manage Connections and it will perform a fresh sync.

Understood. Thanks Josh.