Play mp3 on Sonos

I’ve seen several threads on playing audio files on Sonos devices, but they’re mostly older and I’m not sure what’s relevant anymore. Can someone help me play an mp3 (or any type of audio file - it doesn’t matter)?

I put a sample .mp3 on OneDrive and shared the link publicly but the Sonos doesn’t play it when the device is triggered. Here’s my simple code:

The URL must be a directly link to the raw audio file. It cannot be a link to a page (for example, a page that displays a download link / allows you to play the file).!AmZtT-gmIQn8hfA58KJZZkWXjoyEfw?e=Rixs3k?dl=1

Your link appears to be to a page hosting the file.

From a quick Google search, it looks like you can take a OneDrive embed code for a file and modify it to be a download link:

Since I only had your share link, I followed the steps in this post which are quite a bit more technical, but I got the following URL that seems to be direct file download:!aHR0cHM6Ly8xZHJ2Lm1zL3UvcyFBbVp0VC1nbUlRbjhoZkE1OEtKWlprV1hqb3lFZnc_ZT1SaXhzM2s/root/content

Ah, I thought my link was directly to the file. Your link works for me! Thanks for the direction.

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