Placeholders, been seeing this alot on a shared dashboard

I have one dashboard shared to another email account. It works but I’ve been seeing the placeholder icons have been coming up a lot.

What can I do to troubleshoot this?

@eibyer, sorry to hear that you are seeing the placeholder tiles. Can you please provide a bit more details? Do both of you and the guest see the placeholder tiles, or just the guest’s account? Did the placeholder tile start to show up and remain as placeholder after sharing or some of them fixed themselves sometimes? Does it help if you reboot your Hubitat hub and refresh your dashboard page a few minutes later?

This happens on the guest account. It’s more noticeable on it since it’s on a tablet and always on. The main account doesn’t do this (or I don’t notice since it’s not on a tablet) , the placeholder on the guest account is intermittent. Sometimes the icons will come back in a few minutes, sometimes an extended period of time.

I will try the logging the main account on the dashboard and see if it does the same thing.

Thanks for the additional details. I would be curious if it happens on the main account as well.

If so, the most common cause of this on Hubitat is the hub getting bogged down / sluggish when the system needs to full device refresh. As James noted, it’s usually solved by rebooting the hub, wait several minutes for things to calm down after booting up, then reauthorize the devices starting from SharpTools.

If it does the same thing on the main account then I will check if it settles on hub reboot. I will report back later this afternoon when I get home.

Just circling back to this @josh. I have logged out the guest account from my fire tablet and have been using my main account and I have not seen placeholder tiles at all, it’s been about 4 days since I did that.

I just thought I’d update this, I’ll continue to use the main account since it’s on kiosk mode anyway.

Oh, and I thing I noticed which I forgot to add. I added one device (a lock) after I shared all of the other ‘things’. That device I last added remains on the screen while the other tiles become placeholders.