Placeholder tile from lost device causes re-arranging / edit issues

I put a lot of work on my dashboard, and when I go in to change a device to a new device, I find it difficult, because the auto-layout feature corrupts the orientation. In an attempt to re-arrange things, I may save the state, but then it inserts a bunch of spacers making it even harder to re-arrange my tiles. To compound the issue, when I update the device list, and sharptools loses it’s link to a device, it replaces the tile with “placeholder” of 1x1 size, further throwing out the orientation of my tiles. I’m going crazy here, because for some reason, hubitat decided to not expose my sink light anymore, even though it’s in the list, and now all my dashboards that used the sink light are now messed up.

Any advice on how to manage this, w/o having to redesign my dashboard every time a device is lost from the list?

Thanks for the feedback and sorry to hear that things aren’t working as hoped. Let me take a look at what it would take to enable the ‘placeholder’ tiles to use the dimensions defined in the tile (even if the device itself is deauthorized for some reason). That sounds like the most critical issue as your hub seems to drop a device and the dashboards then get out of whack. :grimacing:

I thought the placeholder tiles were already doing this when the tile dimensions were explicitly set, so I can see how this would be frustrating. :slightly_frowning_face:


That could be very useful my friend. I would like to make a comment about my recent experienci. In my case I had a struggle when recreating my dashboards (change from ADT to Aeotec hub), because any time I edit a tile, the dashboard re edit its line order and set it at the first place of the line ever, then I had to relocate all the tiles on the line again, I found that if I enter to edit each tile and save it (no change on it) the tiles keep their location in the line. Just to let you know if this helps…

Thanks @josh

I don’t know why HE is dropping devices. After spending the better part of an hour fixing my dashboards last night, a couple hours later when I went to bed, they were all messed up again because a couple more devices dissapeared. If this one thing could be fixed so much pain would be alleviated.

Appreciate it.

My experience has been that placeholders are always 1x1,

I think I opened a feature request for this a while back. I can’t find it though. for now, everything has stabilized.

Found it!

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Just an update that we released an update to beta that enables Placeholder tiles to retain the custom dimensions that were set on the original tile.

More details for beta users here: