Placeholder tile alternative: ghost device

It would be great when a device dissapears, that instead of having the tile with just a “placeholder ?” (question mark) on it, there would be the ghost device still there… but with something like an X over the tile. This way we can see what device went missing and correct it. When you have a lot of devices, it’s hard to keep track of what goes where on the dashboards.

This is what I have and I don’t remember what was in those spots.

You can tap on a Placeholder to see the details of the underlying tile that went missing.

The most common reason to see a Placeholder tile is because the underlying device is no longer authorized. So if you don’t have access to the underlying device anymore, the dashboard can’t render it. Which is the main reason you see a generic placeholder instead of something specific to the original device.

In other words, the details about the device itself are no longer available since the device was deauthorized. When you tap on the placeholder, it shows you the relevant configuration details that are stored directly with the tile (eg. the layout).

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Ah… thanks for the quick answer. I thought perhaps the system cached what it was, so it could be rendered with an overlayed X even though the device was physically gone.

Not at the moment! But if this feature request gets enough interest from the community, some sort of approach like that would be required. :slight_smile: