Physical switch turns on zigbee bulb

Hi all, I have a tplink kasa switch for my basement. I have also put in a sengled bulb. I have created a simple if switch is on, turn bulb on rule, however, it only seems to work when then switch is pressed via a dashboard item, rather than when the physical switch is pressed. How do I get it to work off the switch as well?

I would first verify that the TP-Link Kasa switch is reporting the on status to SmartThings immediately when it’s physically switched on.

When the integration between SmartThings and TP-Link Kasa first came out, it was a polling based integration. They later added instant update capabilities (I assumed for all their Kasa devices, but I believe it required an update on the device itself).

I’m using Hubitat not SmartThings. But I will check for a polling function there.

Thanks for the additional details. My apologies for assuming it was SmartThings - they have an official TP-Link Kasa integration while Hubitat doesn’t so I assumed it was SmartThings. Is this using a community developed integration?

Either way, I would still check if the device is reporting its status immediately when physically actuated. :grinning: