Personal Weather Station Integration

There was a very short thread on this 2 years ago. Not much was discussed. Now that Groovy is gone and integration with SmartThings doesn’t look like it will ever be possible, is it possible to just capture the data from a Personal Weather Station such as Ambient Weather WS-2902 WiFi Smart Weather Station with SharpTools?

I don’t see much on here about doing that, so I’m thinking it might not be the easiest/best option.

The Ambient page has the following:

API & Third Party Apps
Developers, retrieve your own real-time and historical personal weather station JSON formatted data, or build 3rd party apps and get data from multiple devices.

Weather Networks
Connect to the world’s largest personal weather station network, Weather Underground, in addition to WeatherCloud and WeatherBug.


If you have a Hubitat hub, there is an app that can be loaded onto Hubitat which integrates with the data that is sent from Ambient Weather. I use it extensively. And if you are a Webcore user, you can create even more virtual devices in Hubitat to retrieve even more data from Ambient Weather.
I just posted a picture of one of my dasboards on the Community site. You can see that I have lots of Ambient Weather data on the dashboard.
As you may be aware Sharptools and Hubitat directly can be integrated together.
Hope this helps.

Thanks JD,

I have a SmartThings Hub. I knew I had more options with Hubitat, but so far I don’t want to switch. Too much work! Next major issue and I’ll probably pull the trigger.

So I had to give up WebCoRE, which brought me here.

I’ll check out your picture, I assume in the Hubitat Community…

There was an app that I believe Smartthings dropped that you could download through the IDE that was called Ambient Weather by Kurt Sanders, I think that was all wiped out. This was the very reason that I left Smartthings. No Webcore and No Ambient Weather app anymore due to IDE abandoned.
Kurt Sanders wrote the app for Ambient Weather for Hubitat, and it can be loaded in the Hubitat hub in their Package Manager App area.

I had roughly 125 devices to move to Hubitat. I had it done in a half day. Process is factory reset a device and then add it to Hubitat. After getting the hang of factory reset, the process moved along quite quickly.

At first I tried to replicate Webcore pistons as Routines in Smartthings, and it was just plain bad. Some things I did in Webcore took 2 - 3 routines to sort of replicate, but not all could be done, So Webcore works great in Hubitat!

Attached is my dashboard with Ambient Weather data.
Any other questions feel free to ask.

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There are at least 2 ways to get the weather info. Todd Austin’s Edge driver for weather works good, but you have to run an external server to retrieve the data (but he has one for that, too!). Check it out: Yet another weather driver (but for Edge!) - Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community

I’m have a Tempest weather station and I’m toying around with getting the data and putting all of it into Sharptools variables (using the API). Not sure it’s the best way, but it’s working…now I need to create a super tile to show it all.

Thanks Brent. So to clarify, If I go with Tempest, I will be able to do a HTTP GET and save the data in a variable and competely eliminate SmartThings?

If I’m reading this right, why do you say maybe not the best way? That seems like the simplest way…

Note the details in the first post about the API and getting the data from Ambient. Is that what you are doing with Tempest?

You might be able to eliminate ST. A few weeks ago, I setup a rule that will retrieve the data via Weatherflow/Tempest’s API using my private token using a GET command. However, that rule gets triggered using an HTTP trigger–I need to figure out a good way to trigger that every 5 minutes or so…which may involve using another method to do it–Sharptools can only do every day at the most often (I’ve tried other ways and they work for a little while, but then get stuck).

If Ambient has an API that is similar, it should be very doable.

HI Brent-

I’ve been using this 5 minute timer for some time now. I changed to to “stays” instead of “delay”. It has been very reliable.

When $FiveMinuteTimer updates and is TRUE, HTTP GET.

How would that work?

Keep me posted as I will probably do the same if it works out for you.

I have something similar that pauses a rule for 5 minutes and loops again. It works for a while, but will eventually fail/stick (could be days or a couple weeks). But I haven’t tried the “stays” trigger. I might see if that will work.

Delay always failed for me. Stays has been bullet-proof!

I also have a rule that will send me a notice if the loop stops. Hasn’t triggered since stays.

Call it belt and suspenders!

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@JKB121 I use Ambient Weather’s WS-5000 and I collect all my sensors’ data through AW’s API (ref doc here).

Here’s part of my rule to collect the data (1 rule broken up into 3 screenshots). I’m happy to share the entire rule if you’d find it useful:

(lots omitted in between these two screenshots)

Here are a few of the variables I use:

And my dashboard looks like this:



Thank you very much! That’s what I was looking for. I actually spoke with a rep at Ambient (tech support) yesterday who told me that what I want to do (what you’ve done) is not possible, and if it becomes an option, they will contact me.

Now I’m concerned with Ambient support… Uggh.

If I get the weather station and have trouble, I’ll post back here!!!

Awesome! Glad I could help.

Now I’m concerned with Ambient support… Uggh.

I contacted their support once about their API and the rep was brief but helpful. Seems like with all customer service these days it all depends on which rep you get.

I really like my WS-5000. I’ve had it for 2 years now. They’re expensive so I waited for one of their 20% off holiday sales.

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I’ve got the Ambient 2902 model. Can that data be integrated? I’m definitely a novice! :frowning:

(edit … I do use the smartthings app…so maybe using that as an intermediate step?)

Hi Andy-

See Wet Blanket Post 4 up. You can get all the data and put it into variables, then you can use that however you like.

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Hey @Brent_Haag, I know this is an older thread, but wondering if you could share how you setup your GET command to retrieve Weatherflow data to us in SharpTools rules/variables? I’m pretty new at this and trying to work my way through it. Would really like to be able to use my Tempest data in ST. Thanks!

Hey @David_Bissett, I never did get the tile setup, but I did get the data pull working…I haven’t worked on it in 6+ months, but you can try and see if this works. I setup variables for almost everything it could spit out. Let me know your thoughts!


@Brent_Haag, this works perfectly! I was able to pair it with the five-minute timer/stay above! I’m able to pull in the data and use it for rules now! Thanks so much.


Glad I could help. I’ll have to try the 5 minute timer suggestion (from @JKB121), above.

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