Period and comma problems

In the United States and the United Kingdom, periods are used as decimal separators.
Most countries in Europe use the opposite formatting, i.e. comma as decimal formatting, and this has given me a bit of a problem.

An example can be seen here.

I have several rules like it showed and when I need to process the data later I have to manually replace the periods with commas.

Is there a way to fix these period/comma problems?

If you have your Geolocation set on at least one of your locations, I suspect we could infer the ‘locale’ from that location and use it to determine the number format that should be used for parsing.

I’ve moved this into the feature requests category (from the general discussion forum), so we can better track this. Feel free to scroll up and cast a vote.

I have a bit of concern around backward compatibility with this, so I’m thinking it would either have to only apply to newly created rules / rule actions or we would need to add a setting somewhere. Otherwise there might be people in European countries that use the . as the thousands separator and , as the decimal formatting who are passing data in a format that uses . as the decimal and I wouldn’t want to break things for them.

I think I have already set my location, but to be sure, would you please let me know where I should do this.

To be clear, that won’t do anything related to the parsing format today.

I was just brainstorming ‘out loud’ that I suspect that we could infer the locale from the geolocation in the future.

:+1: Oh, I see -thanks