Percentage bar only tile for roller shutter

Is there a way to show a Tile with percentage only ?
I don’t want to open and close my window shutter, instead all I want is to set to a certain level.
I know I get the percentage if I’ll do a long touch or touch the percentage in the tile and it works well.
Still I want the ability for percentage only tile without open and close . Possible ?

@Shai_Dotan, you can create a Number Variable, create a rule to adjust the shutter position when this variable changes, and then add this variable to the dashboard. This also allows you to control multiple windows’ shutter position in the same time. See below for more details:

Create Number Variable

Create a rule to adjust blinds position when this variable changes

Add variable to dashboard and change it’s value by tapping the variable tile

Thank you James,
But this is not what I mean. I want the Tile to contain slider only always without the need to type in a value.
Is that possible ? Can we take your idea and show it as slider instead of a text field ?

@Shai_Dotan, the slider for controlling a Number variable tile is not currently supported, but I will pass your feedback to @josh. Thanks.


Any update on this @James, @Josh?

I’m just waiting for my roller shades to arrive - they should integrate with SmartThings
I’d like to incorporate into SharpTools
Maybe a feature request for slider if this was never executed?
Smart Roller blinds are becoming HUGELY popular - maybe a nice addition to have some added capability in Sharptools?

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@Bethel_Lane, thanks for the follow up. Can you cast your vote in the feature request below? :v:

@Martin.Borg basically created a concept mockup for this but feel free to add your comments in the request.

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Ah thanks @James - I hadn’t recognized that

Maybe a better qualifier on the title would garner more interest?
as in 1 x 2 Slider Tile e.g. for dimmer, roller shade etc

I could see that would also be great for Dimmers too!

Just added Dimmer/Shade to the tile to help catch the related use cases & interests.

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Thanks you for improving this. excatly what I want. squared in red: