Pause a rules engine step

Suggestion, as your probably aware, in Tasker, you can ‘turn off’ a step in a task. I have a switch that is kept off unless we are ‘away’. To frustrate a hacker trying to turn it on, I have a rule that if the switch is on any time other than when location is away, it turns the camera back off, then sends me a text. Today for some reason ST kept turning the switch on and most of the time I caught it and turned it off again before this rule fired. Long story short, it would have been handy to be able to disable the texting step but still allow the rule to turn off the switch. Instead till I figured it out (IFTTT was the culprit) I turned off the whole rule so it wouldn’t send a bunch of unnecessary text message. Not killer but just a thought.


@Brian_Bacon, thanks for the feedback. That’s an interesting idea. I can see it be a helpful feature in the case like this, but also wondering if it can be confusing when troubleshooting the rule but forgot some activities were disabled in the flow. I will need to give it more thoughts, but I have noted your feedback. :grinning:

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