Pause a rule during a time interval

A possible use case that I will be facing next weekend

Going out of the house and some people will stay at our home but are not really tech people
Thiking about ‘pausing’ rules during some time, to avoid automation around the house

It’s possible right now to disable a rules, but not to pause during a time interval
Could be possible, by modifying rule and creating a new Smartthings mode, but more complicated

Other people think it could be usefull ?

You can use a variable that needs to be set before the rule starts.

That’s how I do my alarm system and christmas lights. If “christmas time” variable is true, it changes the rule to let certain lights stay on even when we’re away or have the christmas tree on all day instead of coming on at sundown. It’s a bit of work, but you only need to do it once I guess.

Thanks for the idea, it’s simpler than a smartthings mode

Will see if I can integrate it easily in my rules!

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