Pass Variables to Webcore

I have seen lots of posts about reading variables from Webcore. I want to go the other way. I have smartified the humidifier on my furnace. My wife often wants to adjust the humidity level. I’d like to have Sharptools buttons to do this and have them pass the changes to Webcore. Any thoughts on how to do this?

A common approach for integrating with WebCoRE (from any SmartApp) is via virtual devices.

There’s no “Humidity Setpoint” capability, so you might have to get creative and use something like a Dimmable Switch or Thermostat instead. For example, if all you want is a value between 0-100, you could use a virtual dimmable switch.

And if you wanted it to look more like the the Thermostat tile which has quick-adjust buttons to adjust the value up/down, you could use a SharpTools Numeric Variable and add that directly to your dashboard (and edit the tile to enable the quick adjust buttons). Then you could create a rule that maps the numeric variable into a virtual device like the virtual dimmer.


(Alternatively, you could use a virtual thermostat directly, but then you have extra things like the thermostat mode, fan mode, etc)

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