Overlapping Tiles in Edit Mode

Hi @josh, just wondering if there was a fix for this. I’m experiencing the overlapping titles to the right of the dashboard when editing. When I try to save all the devices are all over the place

Do you have any Custom CSS applied to this dashboard + theme?

Thanks for responding. No CSS. I’ve had this dashboard for months. Just needed to add a new device. So far only the color and the animations are modified

If you resize the window smaller and then refresh the page, are you then able to reconfigure the dashboard tiles to the expected position? Or do they continue to get reset into the overlapping format?

Or is the overlapping noticeable during edit, so you ended up aborting and not saving the changes? If it’s happening during edit, when does it start? Immediately when you enter edit mode or when a particular tile is dragged?

I logged out and back in and it appears to be working now. It would only happen in edit mode. Thanks for your help

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