OpenAI API Use Cases

Hi everyone, just wanted to share some of the things I’m using openAI API for in case it helps give anyone inspiration. I’m also interested to know if anyone else may be using it. I’ve always wanted home automation to be fun and with Webcore, there were some cool things you could do like announcing randomized welcome home messages when someone came home. I was able to do the same with Sharptools using expressions with concat and pickRandom where I would input phrases but it became a bit boring after a while.

After running into the weather thread where @josh posted how to post openWeather JSON data to the openAI API, I started looking into other use cases.

Using the example in that thread -Open Weather API (and Chat GPT) - #10 by josh - I ended up modifying all of my TTS rules to post phrases to the API and the resulting announcements are now unique and beyond the scope of my limited imagination. My family loves hearing the messages so the fun factor is back.

For instance, when the laundry is finished washing, I’d post a simple request like “In a single sentence write a funny message that the clothes are done washing and to randomly select whose turn it is to load the dryer.” The response would be something like “ Who’s up for a drying duel? The lucky winner is… drumroll please… Koda! Get ready to tackle those toasty clothes, buddy! :clap:

FYI - Koda is our dog so he’s part of the humor. :slight_smile:

Where I’m using the API are for the following:

  1. Garbage reminder and whose turn it is to take it out

  2. Welcome home message

  3. Welcome home message for kids returning from school

  4. Washer notification

  5. Laundry is done notification

  6. Weather report with some humor

The caveats to this is the API isn’t free. You need to sign up with a credit card however you can set a limit. Mine is set to $3 and with all my testing in past two weeks, I’m at $.06.

There is also a playground you can use to test your input statements to get an idea of the response.

Happy automating!