Open Reolink App

How do I open my reolink app on IOS?
I have tried: reolink:// but that dosent work???

It doesn’t look like Reolink has included a proper URL scheme in their app.

Edit: That being said, if your Reolink cameras provide MJPEG streams or JPEG snapshots, you might be able to embed them in your dashboard directly. Unfortunately, there’s a weird bug with Chromium browsers (Chrome, Edge, Opera) that was introduced recently that makes this a bit more of a headache right now, but there is a workaround some people have used in the linked thread.

I followed the instructions in this post and was able to extra the metadata and it looks like they have two different schemes, but neither of them are friendly:

In fact, my results match the same thing this user from Home Assistant found:

So while the following seems to work for now, I’m not sure if it’s an intentional thing or a side-effect of something else the Reolink team was trying to implement and thus might change in the future (eg. some sort of Facebook integration that could change in future app releases):



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