Only Allow Rule to Run Once a Day

Is there a way to make a rule run Only once per day?

@Birendra_Vithanage, can you provide a bit more context about your rule needs? Is the rule to be triggered by a location/device event or at specific time of the day everyday?

If the rule is to be triggered by location/device event(s), you can create a True/False variable, or a Virtua Switch from SmartThings/Hubitat platform, and use it in the IF condition in rule flow to determine if the rule should be executed or not, and you can reset this variable/virtual switch once a day in another rule depends on your needs.

Or if you simply want the rule to be executed at a certain time of the day everyday, you can just use the Timer event in the trigger.

I’d be happy to provide more specific example if I can understand the automation needs better. :wink:

Turning on the light according to illuminance and the precence.
But the problem is that after the rule ran if I turn off the light it turns the light on again after some time.

See below for the rule example that you can use a variable to restrict the rule to be executed once until the variable is reset. (You can also use Virtual Switch from SmartThings/Hubitat with the same concept.)

Then you can have another rule to reset this variable once a day according to your needs.


Thnks Ill try this today

Thank you, James! I was also struggling with the same case.

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This requires a premium account though right? Variables aren’t available for non-premium as far as I know…

Yes, Variable support is a premium-only feature. Or you can create a Simulated/Virtual Switch in SmartThings/Hubitat and use it as the variable in logic described above.

That’s such a great suggestion! Ill do that