One way switch on a Super Tile

Hello. I’ve created a super tile and it’s working fine. It’s a switch that changes a text variable. The idea is, when my siren goes off in my home, creating a STHM alert I have to dismiss, the tile changes (via virtual switch) to give instructions to go to the app and dismiss the alert. Once you have dismissed the alert, you go back to the dashboard and tap the alert tile, then it switches to a “No actions required” tile.

I would like the “No actions tile” to be stagnant and the tile only change back to the alert to dismiss, when my house siren goes off again. In other words, I want the tile to only be a switch from alert to no action and not vice versa. So you can change the tile by touching, but only one way.

Not sure it can be done, but thought i’d throw it out there. Thanks.

Was tired when I wrote this out, I fixed it easily by changing the button from a “Toggle” to just always executing the “Off” command. Thanks.

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Thanks for updating your post with the solution!

That’s the main approach I would suggest when you always want it to send the on() or off() command. If you want the command to only be sent conditionally, you could have the Super Tile execute a rule which could determine if your desired condition is true and only send the command in that case. :slight_smile: