One tile to indicate if any door is open

Hi all,

Is it possible to have one tile that would show if any door in the house is open and then, ideally, the option to tap that tile and have a preview of all the doors which would then show which door is actually open?

I don’t want to fill up my dashboard with all my door sensors when really I just care if one door is open or not.


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I did exactly what you are looking for with leak sensors, using a combination of webCore and a virtual switch.

Create a virtual switch in ST. Then, in webCore, create a piston that turns the virtual switch to ON if ANY of the lights change to ON. Add a 2nd statement that if ANY of the lights turn off AND ALL the lights are off, then turn the virtual switch OFF.

Then just add the virtual switch to your dashboard.

This won’t get you a preview, but you could you a sub-dashboard to display all of your lights only when you want to see them.


As @Bry suggested, you can achieve this with a virtual switch + an automation rule to aggregate multiple devices’s status to this virtual switch, and this concept can be applied to doors, lights, locks, leak sensor and etc.

Other than webCoRe, you can achieve this with Rule Engine as well, if you prefer the visual flow interface. See below for my light summary virtual device rule example.

Triggers: Add all lights and both On and Off statuses

Flow: If any (OR logic) light is on, turn the virtual switch on; else turn the virtual switch off.

Haha great minds think a like. I got playing around and realized I could make a virtual contact sensor in Hubitat and then create a rule that if any door is open in the house, open the virtual contact sensor else if all doors are closed, close the virtual contact sensor. I then added that virtual sensor to sharptools. And was thinking the same thing as you, that a work around in the meantime would be to create a separate dashboard that shows all the doors to figure out which one is open. Thanks for your reply!


Are these screenshots from the rule engine in sharptools? I’ve never played around with the rule engine bit this interface looks slick!


Yes the screenshots are SharpTools Rule Engine.

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I know this is a little dated but in playing with the latest beta I realized that using the above logic ~ rule that combines all doors or locks to virtual switch works great until - someone actually pushes the virtual switch button. It then changes the state of the virtual switch and then it gets out of sync. I was trying to see if there was some way in the SharpTools rule engine to create a rule that you then only display the current status of the Virtual Switch and not change it.

Any idea’s?

You can change the Security of a tile to View Only

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Josh - perfect - thanks! Actually moving a bunch of aggregation rules from HE to SharpTools now.


Is there an option to link Virtual (Simulated) Switch to the particular dashboard? eg. If I have a dashboard with all garage doors, By clicking on the Virtual Switch I would get to the dashboard to close the door that is open.

You can use a True/False variable to aggregate the state of the doors and the variable tile can be configured to hyperlink to a dashboard URL.