Offline status of devices

I know there’s a few ways to do this. I’m currently using an edge bridge monitor but it’s not as effective as I’d like and really finicky.
Is there a real simple way within Sharptools to set this up to check all of my devices every xx amount of time?

I see there’s a post on here about http requests or something along those lines, is that complicated?

I’m amazed that Smartthings doesn’t already have this integrated to simply notify users when something goes offline all within their own app.


There’s some examples within the following thread. I suspect that it seems more intimidating at surface glance than it is once you actually dig into it. Of course, your first time you will likely have some questions, so please feel free to ask here!

:test_tube: Labs: SmartThings Health and Battery Reports

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Thanks. I’ve just posted over there. I’m stuck. :see_no_evil:

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