NWS Alert RSS Feed Not Validating

I set up a NWS weather alert RSS feed in the News Feeds (RSS feeds) resource page about a year ago and I just noticed that it stopped working. When I went to check the RSS entry in SharpTools it will no longer validate the RSS feed. I checked the existing URL and the new URL that NWS is using on redirect and they resolve fine on my browser.

Has anything changed with the SharpTools News/RSS Feed feature?

Can you share the sample URL as text?

For some reason I can’t delete, backspace or type certain characters or any when I try to respond to you or any other post in the SharpTools forums.
Here is the original link: NWS Alerts
I did look at the page that renders on this link and see an API link which I replaced the original link in SharpTools New Reader with and it validated. There aren’t any current alerts so I’m not sure if the API is actually doing what the original link was doing.
Here is the API link: Current watches, warnings, and advisories for Maricopa County (AZC013) AZ

I wonder if NWS changed something with the original URL as it looks like it points to a webpage rather than directly to an XML feed now.


Thanks for sharing what you found along with your solution! Hopefully when there’s some alerts you’ll be able to test it and verify it’s what you’re looking for! :grinning: