"Null" displayed for empty variable - what has changed? [resolved]

I have rules in Hubitat for various events that set a variable to the event time and a message when active, and set the variable back to null when the event cleared. The Hubitat variable has a connector and is is used to display those notifications on my SharpTools dashboards.

Up until yesterday if a variable was set to “null” the dashboard tile just showed a hyphen “-” or the tile was blank. Today however the variable which is null, is displayed “Null” (capitalised) where it has it’s own tile and “null” where the variable is displayed within a SuperTile. What could have changed as I don’t want the word “Null” on the dashboard? I don’t think I’ve changed anything to cause this but I suppose it’s possible that it’s a Hubitat update that has changed it. Thanks.


An event just triggered the rule to change the variable. When the rule set it back to ‘null’, the tile has gone blank as it should and no longer visibly displays ‘null’. Not a clue what caused it - the HE update maybe.

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