Notify if garage door left open at night

I’m moving over from WebCore and trying to implement a rule that will notify me if my garage door is open at night.
Should the following work?
Trigger: Sensor is open for 5 minutes
If: Time is between 9:30 PM and 6:30 AM
Action: Send an SMS message

And, in WebCore, I set up a loop so it sent the message every 5 minutes until the door was closed. Any way to do that?

Thanks much!

Yes, but if the garage was already open at 9:30, then you wouldn’t get the notification since the ‘stays open’ event would have already occurred. So if you want that, you would need to add a Time trigger to the rule and update the condition accordingly or just create a separate rule for that use-case.

As for recurring notifications, many people use the app Pushover which has options for recurring notifications (for ‘high priority’ notifications) and integrates directly with SharpTools. Other community members have used various tricks for creating loops, but it’s not something we officially support at the moment. I believe the closest feature request for it is this one.

Thanks much for this!
So I guess a simple but crude way to accomplish my aim would be set up triggers every 30 mins between 9:30 pm and 6:00 am, and check each time whether the door is open. Not elegant but should work.
Thanks for the suggestion about Pushover. Will consider.

You can use a variable to loop. I do the same thing as this post, but I use a stays for the trigger. I can’t remember why but it made the looping more reliable I think.