Notifications not working

I have a question about a notification rule I’ve set up.

I have a few variations on notifications when my garage door opens, is closed, or is open for more than 5 minutes.

None of them are working, either as SMS messages or Pushbullet notifications.

A picture of my rule is below

Hi @Douglas_Drake, can you try again without the IF_Condition in the flow? For this scenario, you only need the garage contact stats open for 5 minutes as trigger, and notification as the action in the flow. Although additional IF_Condition shouldn’t matter hear, but just wanted to simplified the rule setup. In the meantime, can you please open the garage for 5 minutes and let me know the rule ID (the last part of the URL when in that specific rule’s editor page)? With your permission, I’d be happy to look into the system log and investigate the cause.

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Okay, new information.

Problem isn’t the rule, but the device shows up as inactive.

My SmartThings shows it has 70% battery, but it is not recording or transmitting any movement. SmartThings shows no activity at all the last 7 days.


Thanks for the updates. Changing the batter is definitely the 1st thing I’d suggest. The battery level is really just a reference and some sensors work fine with less than 40% battery level but some stop working when the battery is lower than 80%. It really just depends on the model and how the battery level is reported.

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Who knew you had to check the battery !!! :grinning:

Although SmartThings reported 70% battery and I believe it was showing temperature readings, a new battery resulted in motion readings !!

The rule, as modified by your suggestions, is working without a hitch…

Thanks for service above and beyond the call of duty