Notification/Ticker bar?

A notification or ticker bar at the top or bottom of the dashboard would be cool for displaying important notifications that pop up from time to time. For example, it could be a red horizontal bar that pops down from the top of the dashboard when there is something to display, like a tornado warning, or heavy traffic on your commute. Notifications done that way would catch your eye when they occur, but not take up screen real estate otherwise. I don’t know which would be better, to push the existing content down and squish the display vertically to make room for the notification bar, or to layer the notification bar on top. Probably the latter. Or, if layering isn’t possible, even just have an option to define a static thin horizontal bar space at the top and/or bottom of your dashboard, which would hide (with nothing there) when nothing to show.

I suspect implementation could be difficult, but just an idea.


Thanks for the suggestion!

I’ve been personally interested in the idea of being able to send a ‘notification’ to a device that’s displaying a dashboard (without requiring a separate app like Pushbullet or Pushover). I had not considered the use case of a small, but persistent notification though.

We’ve noted the request and will leave the topic open to gather further community interest and feedback.

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Yeah, for my wall mounted dashboard I would think a more persistent notification would be useful. It’s (going to be) right beside the door to the garage so I would see the notification at whatever time I end up leaving in the morning. Since the departure time varies within a window of maybe 5-10 minutes, the persistence of the notification would ensure it is seen within that window.

I have created tiles for Trash Days and other reminders… I would prefer a notifications box so wife knows when its done!

Thanks for the feedback and welcome to the community, @Matt_Harring! Would you mind clarifying what you mean by a “notifications box”?

In the meantime, one approach that might work is to use a Text Variable, which can be added as a tile to your dashboard, for sharing messages:


Hey @josh looking to replicate something like this. Im thinking a family calendar of sorts might work as well but I like the idea of checking off items so I dont get reminded and the ability to create rules. Ac filter change. Sensor battery change. Check why pool pump is using so much pwer (is it going bad). Kid was home late from school. Liquor cabinet was opened!. IDK i could think of a million rules based notifications and reoccurring notifications.

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