Not sure if this is a Sharptools, Fully Kiosk or Me problem

Yesterday I’m moving through my dashboards on my Fire HD10 that is mounted to the wall and this is what I get. Dashboards 1-4 are fine. However, 5 is scattered on the screen. I have 5 rows and 8 columns on each dashboard but #5 shows 4.5 Rows and 7 columns. On both my iPads this doesn’t happen. If I open the Dashboard 5 as if to edit it, it has 5 rows and 8 columns and everything is in order.

As always, any help is greatly appreciated.

Have you tried doing a full refresh of the page to make sure it’s not a weird quirk like a ghost tile left on the screen?

Or I’m wondering if it’s possibly something related to the multiple media controls since that seems to be different than the other dashboards. If you create a copy of the dashboard and replace those tiles, does the issue still occur? Or I wonder if the theme is temporarily removed if the issue still occurs - just brainstorming on potential causes based on the visual differences - maybe something with the borders on all the double wide tiles is throwing off the reflow calculation. :thinking:

I’ve shut the tablet down and restarted it. I’ll give the others a try. Thanks

R Bendell

I deleted the ‘problem’ dashboard and rebuilt it. Everything is working fine now. Still not sure how it happened. Thanks for your help.

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