NOOB - Open Website from Tile

I am trying to get a tile set up to open a website.

Use Case - My wife would like to click a tile and have it open the Accuweather website.

Hyperlinks don’t work, they open dashboards. Media sort of works (you can set it to open a hyperlink), but the tile has a bad case of the fuglies because you can’t specify its content.

I have this feeling I am missing something very fundamental.

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting! Can you share some more details about how you have the Hyperlink tile configured?

When configuring the Hyperlink resource, be sure to use the full URL for the page that you want to link to:

Then when you add the Hyperlink to your dashboard, keep in mind that you can edit the tile settings and configure the link to:

  • Open in Same Window
  • Open in New Window
  • Open in Modal*

*Note that some websites might not support being opened in a Modal

Similarly, if you want to share more details about how you have the Media Tile configured, I’d be happy to help with that as well. Keep in mind that when creating the new Media resource, you should see a preview of the media item at the bottom of the configuration.

The tile really doesn’t have to be pretty, mostly functional

When I use a hyperlink to the accuweather website, Sharptools does not open the hyperlink, it tries to open a dashboard then reports that the dashboard does not exist.

When I use media, I get the picture above. I’d like to just throw an OOTB icon in it. Media open the hyperlink properly, but is ugly on the dashboard because I can’t edit what it shows.

Thanks for sharing the screenshot! It looks like the Hyperlink resource has the Name and the URL swapped. The part where you have part of the URL scribbled out in your screenshot is the ‘Name’ field from the Hyperlink resource.

You can edit your existing Hyperlink resources here: SharpTools App

The Media Tile is designed to show media from a URL - for example, a network camera stream or a weather image. You can find more details on that in the following article, but it sounds like the normal Hyperlink Tile is what you are looking for:

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I made a new hyperlink, exactly as you show, and it also fails. Tries to open a dashboard.

Can you please share a screenshot of the Hyperlink resource configuration?

Now that I have found the Resource page, they are indeed flipped there. Switching them around solved the problem. Thanks