NOAA Weather Alerts

Has anyone used the NOAA Weather Alerts app on Hubitat and got the NOAA TIle to properly display on SharpTools? As I set here waiting on Hurricane Idalia to arrive, I decided to troubleshoot and got the API call working properly, announcements through Echo Speaks, but the tile displays the embedded HTML formatting. Anyone had similar experiences or got it working? Am I being stupid and missing something simple?

Check out this post…

Hubitat HTML Attribute Display - Custom Tile

Some community members have also created SharpTools rules that query Open Weather Map for alerts so they can display them natively (and even use them in other things like automated notifications or announcements). You can find some discussion on that here:

Rules and Expressions with Open Weather API - #59 by josh

Thanks Josh! I will explore!

Thanks Josh, worked like a champ. Of course, I finally got time to mess with it this evening after the prior 24 hours of pages of alerts passed. There will be a next time.

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