No Longer to Add Dashboard to Home Screen?


It seems we can no longer add any SharpTools dashboard on iPhone Home Screen. Before…(many months ago…), we could add any dashboard on iPhone Home Screen with an actual URL: “SharpTools App. Now, all SharpTools dashboards on iPhone Home Screen would default to a very generic “SharpTools App with no more exact url address to a specific dashboard.

Have you guys changed something lately? Or Apple IOS latest IOS 16 broke your code. I also checked Hubitat and ActionTiles, both can still let me add dashboard to Home Screen with an actual and exact url. Those two still work, only SharpTools is not letting me to add the dashboard. I still have two SharpTools dashboards saved few months ago on my Home Screen. So, I know that was working before. Can you guys please find out what is broken?

Thanks :pray:t3:

Try the following:

  1. Open Safari and navigate to your preferred dashboard
  2. Perform a pull to refresh to reload the page (while the dashboard is displayed)
  3. Tap the Share Icon in Safari and Add to Homescreen
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Interesting. It works! What happened? I didn’t have to do that before. Has IOS changed? Or SharpTools changed?

At any rate, thanks for the helpful tips!