No keyboard when using Fully intent command to launch app

I have setup a couple of buttons (one for Sonos and our for Our Groceries app) using the Fully Kiosk intent command setup. Everything is works for launching the apps and I can tap on anything in either app and then return to my dashboard when done. My problem is that if I do a search in Sonos or try to add an item in Our Groceries the keyboard does not pop up when I tap on the text entry box. I have checked all settings in Fully and can’t find anything that refers to the keyboard. Any one have any idea why the keyboard wouldn’t appear? I am running the dashboard on a brand new Fire HD 10 tablet. Thanks for the help.

I haven’t seen that happen before with Fully Kiosk Browser (FKB), but there’s such a massive number of settings in FKB that it wouldn’t surprise me if one of those settings was the culprit. I find that tweaking too many of the FKB settings can sometimes cause headaches. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you share some more details about what settings you’ve customized in FKB? For example, do you have any of the ‘Kiosk Mode’ features enabled? And are you using the stock Fire OS keyboard or a custom one (for example, the Amazon Fire Toolbox app that’s popular from XDA has an option to change the keyboard)?

Well right after I posted that I tried resetting the tablet and relaunching everything and now it is working. Not sure what happened but I didn’t change any other settings.