Newbie Setting bulb color "is not"

Hello everyone, how are you? I’m new to SmartThings and SharpTools, so I apologize if my problem already was answered in this forum.

I uploaded a screenshot of the rule. “Computer” is the name of my Philips Hue light color bulb.

I start my routine by checking if the “Computer” stays on for 15 seconds. Once it is on, if the bulb’s color isn’t Hue’s color, named Sunset, then change to Sunset. How do I specifically define the Sunset color without using a color picker?

Thanks for any assistance :slight_smile:

Have you checked what attributes are reported by your device? You should be able to go to your SharpTools User Page, tap the ... next to the location, then scroll down and tap on the device.

Note that most of the attributes will probably have stale data as the system only keeps attributes that are used in a dashboard or as a trigger in a rule up-to-date, but at least it should give you an idea of the types of attributes reported. You could also change the bulb to your preferred color, then resync your devices in SharpTools to pull in a fresh snapshot of the attribute values (eg. User Page → Manage Connections → Authorize)

If it’s always a specific hue value, you could likely use that in your rule. Or if the integration exposes a different attribute with the named color, you could use that.

It doesn’t look like that particular device’s integration with SmartThings exposes the named color. You could check the SmartThings community to see if there’s another integration that exposes the named color or you could use the Hue + Saturation to determine if it’s your expected color.

Could you provide an example line of code, so I can write in my desired hue & saturation #s?