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Hi all,
I am new to Hubitat and Sharptoos. I have created a rule to turn on my z wave outlet at 6:45am each weekday if I am at home and turn it off at 8:10am, The rule seems to be firing but not turning off. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi @Missy_Hazen, welcome to the community and SharpTools family. The reason why it doesn’t turn the outlet off is because the nested If_Condition for ‘after 8:10am’ is a condition not a trigger. So everyday at 6:45am, this rule will be triggered and immediately checks if today is a weekday and if the Pixel 3a device is present. If so it turns on the outlet and immediately checks if current time is after 8:10am, which will never be satisfied because the current time is 6:45am which is the time this rule got triggered.

There are a couple ways to do this but with slight difference depending on your needs.

Option 1: Use “Delay” action to turn the outlet off later (5100 seconds = 85 minutes). Please note that you can specify the timer for 6:45am to be weekday only in the trigger section. So it will turn the outlet on at 6:45am every weekday when you are present, and turn the outlet off 85 minutes (8:10am) later.

Option 2: Add both 6:45am every weekday and 8:10am every weekday as Trigger. And use If_Condition to determine the if it should check your presence to turn on the outlet or just turn off the outlet based on the current time. In this case the rule will be triggered at both 6:45am and 8:10am, and will turn off the outlet no matter if the outlet was turned on at 6:45am or not.

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Thanks @James! I understand where I went wrong.

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