Newbie question about dashboard use

Hi made my first tiny dashboard for testing how this all works (I have premium account).
What I want is that this dashboard (and future ones) are displayed at a iPad on the wall to be used by guests and familymembers.
What I don’t want that they can make changes.
I can’t find how to display the dashboard for that use (I can login but always see the bar at the top with account and so on)
Perhaps stupid, even for newbie, but can somebody help me with this?

Thanks in advance

Hi Ed-
Welcome to the community and thanks for posting!

You can use Kiosk Mode for your dashboards to make sure they open without the additional navigation controls:

As an added layer of security, you could use the guest sharing features. You could create a separate free SharpTools account and share just the dashboard in question to the guest account.

You can share the dashboard with another user. This user can only use the dashboard, not editing.
That is what I did. Install another user on the ipad and share your dashboards. Simple as that.

Jan Albert (huize Kuijk) :ok_hand:

Hi Josh,
Thanks a lot for the fast answer!
Still I have a “problem”, probably because I am missing somethging.
I tried the kiosk mode by adding ?kiosk=true in the url of the dashboard.
What I see is as described a dashboard without the (navigation) bar of Sharptools. Just what I (partly) wanted. So far so good.
What I also don’t want is al the navigation stuff of the brower itself! By adding ?kiosk=true that part still exists. So that part is not good!
I want it to be as the Fullscreen option (using the … and picking Fullscreen) and no possibility of getting the Sharptools bar. So the best of both worlds!

I tried it in Chrome, Safari, Edge.

What is it that I am missing!?

Besides all of the above, I agree that it also would be advisable to add a user as extra safety.

Most people use a “kiosk” type of app to accomplish that.

For Android, Fully Kiosk Browser is a popular solution.

:page_facing_up: How can I use with Fully Kiosk Browser? - SharpTools Knowledge Base

For iOS, there’s a few different apps that are popular with the community:

:link: How to switch from Android/Fire to Apple / iOS / iPad Pro? - #2 by josh

I found something else that works within iOS! Adding ?kiosk=true at the url makes the Shaptools bar disappear but not the browser navigation bar (doing enter or refresh). What I accidently found that when you make a homescreen link of the url (including ?kiosk=true) the the browser navigation also disapears and so delivering what I wanted. So no need for a kiosk-browser in iOS in that case. Hope that this info helps other newbies like me also.

Thanks for sharing! My apologies for not mentioning the Add to Homescreen approach!

:link: Mobile Web App - Add to Homescreen