Newbie having problems using URL for dashboard

I had a look for a thread for dumb questions by newbies, but couldn’t find anything, so I’m starting one.

I’m having trouble using a URL to go directly to a dashboard. I’ve created a dashboard and named it “test”. I’m using Windows/Chrome. When I enter https://sharptools. io/dashboard/view/test I get a screen with a Pacman ghost that says : Dashboard Not Found
Hmm… we couldn’t find that dashboard. Either the dashboard doesn’t exist or the account you are logged in with doesn’t have access to it.

I can then click on Dashboard List and select the test dashboard which then loads properly.

I copied the actual url that’s displayed (https://sharptools .io/dashboard/view/Fbqku…kJg) and if I enter that it works fine. Surprisingly (to me) I can enter the sharptools. io/dashboard/view/Fbqku…kJg URL on my iPhone’s Safari browser and that also works. That’s my workaround for now, but I’d like to know how to just use the dashboard name.

What am I missing?

And, as an aside, how do I get the URLs to display as unformatted text in a post? I had to insert a space in the string, otherwise it was automatically formatted as a hyperlink.

That is the proper way. You may want to add ?kiosk=true to the end of the URL. That will tell the browser to display the dashboard in the kiosk mode, eliminating the banner at the top.

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Thanks! I wasn’t clear on the distinction between “Dashboard Name” and “Dashboard ID” in the docs.

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