Newbie--Attempting to Rebuild SmartThings System

I’ve come to the realization that I have some duplicate and conflicting actions in SmartThings and SharpTools.

I’d like to clean up the duplicates and put all my actions,routines, scenes, automations and whatever else you call them into SharpTools

Is the best course of action to keep all my devices active in SmartThings but delete all scenes, automations, routines, etc in Smart Things?

Then to clean up and make sure everything is covered in SharpTools?

Yes, that would work. I’ve got a lot of my automations in SharpTools - especially things that check to make sure doors are locked and sunset/sunrise based lighting automations. I still keep a few things in SmartThings Smart Lighting since it’s the only thing that can run local at the moment (so it’s really fast for things like turning on a light when motion is detected).