Newb Here-iOS Setup

I am trying to set up an old iPad to act as my smart home controller. Not sure where to start. My main devices are Google Nest, Amazon outlets and Sonos system. Do I need an intermediary device like a hubitat to make this work with sharp tools?

Hi Bob!
Welcome to the community! SharpTools currently supports both SmartThings and Hubitat so you would need your devices connected to one of those platforms.

  • Both SmartThings and Hubitat offer hubs which connect all your devices together - including support for Zigbee and Z-wave devices.

  • SmartThings can also be used without a hub - primarily with cloud connected devices like wifi plugs. You can find more details on that in the How To: Connect Devices Without a Hub thread.


Regarding your devices:

Unfortunately, Amazon Smart Plugs are locked to the Amazon Alexa ecosystem. There are some approaches using virtual devices that could be used in either SmartThings or Hubitat, but it’s more of a hack than natively supported.

Similarly, Nest devices also are part of a closed ecosystem. SmartThings recently gained official support for Nest Thermostats, but they can only be used through their app (eg. not through connected integrations like SharpTools). That being said, there are community developed integrations for Nest for both SmartThings and Hubitat.

Sonos is supported natively on both SmartThings and Hubitat.

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