New User - Sonos playTrack command issue

I’m working on playing audio clips over my Sonos, and I followed the guidelines I found, however when I paste the link to the audio file and then save, SharpTools is adding apostrophes to the beginning and end of the link, and it won’t play. I can make other commands like next track work just fine, so it’s not a trigger issue. I believe if I could find a way to edit out the apostrophes it would be fine, but can’t find a way to edit the actual code. Any thoughts on why the apostrophes are being added?

Hi @Dustin_Stone, welcome to the community. The url needs to point to the audio file directly, not the dropbox webpage of the file. See the comment from the post below where I had to generate the public accessible link and change the host name manually to make it work. (Please note the ?dl=1 parameter in the end of the url.)

Let me know if this helps.


Beautiful! Works perfectly, thank you. Excited to see what all I can do with this.


Glad to hear that it’s working for you. Don’t forget to share us the rule & Sonos ideas you come up with later. I often times find the greatest creativities were coming from our community posts.:grin:

There will be a lot of uses for this but the planned implementations so far are:

  1. Arlo motion at my office will trigger an audio file to play inside my home across all speakers to “check office cameras.” Working on grouping speakers now.

  2. Announcing over house speakers if motion is detected on front porch, mailbox, or pool area.

  3. Announcing arrivals by name using the smartthings location fobs.