New User, Question Regarding Links & Images

Is there any functionality to send an HTTP Get or Post request from a web dashboard? I’m running exclusively on iOS at the moment.

Also, is there any way to remove the images from a Dashboard item? I’d love to just have the dashboard object say “Bedroom” without an accompanying picture.

Hi Eric, we’ve got a request to send HTTP request as an action in the Rule Engine, so that is in my list. So you can simply add a “rule tile” in dashboard to achieve your scenario, and more. :slight_smile:

What is the tile (and device) you are trying to remove the icon from?

James, we may also have to consider it being a dashboard based HTTP request in order to be able to interact directly with LAN devices. The Rule Engine based HTTP GET or POST would work well for endpoints that are accessible from the internet, but if the endpoint is on the LAN then a local request directly from the browser hosting the dashboard might make more sense. :grinning:

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Thanks Josh, this is my exact situation. I run a REST Node API on my LAN for Sonos and Harmony on a Raspberry Pi, and also use WebCore in SmartThings pretty heavily. Being able to call this right from the Dashboard over my LAN would be huge.