New User - Please help with First Rule

HI new user, tried various combinations but can’t get my first rule to work so looking for some help please.

Setup = I am trying to monitor several Arlo camera’s so that if one should go offline I get notified by email. I have them connected to smart things. I have connected smart things to sharp tools and I have authorised all the devices in sharp tools. I can see all the cameras in sharp tools and I have tried these types of rules:

Rule 1 – Device Watch

  • Trigger - Event - Device - Back door Camera - DeviceWatch-DeviceStatus changes and is not online. The Action is - Notification - Email - my address - subject line message - body message.
  • Saved the rule and then did not place it on the dashboard as my understanding is you only do that when you want a tile where you can manually trigger the rule.
  • Didn’t work, camera went offline later in the day, no email wasn’t triggered and therefore not received.
  • Tried Rule adding it to the dashboard, by this time the camera was online - but I got an email saying offline every time I pressed the dashboard tile to activate the rule.

Rule 2 – Health Status

  • Trigger - Event - Device - Back door Camera - healthStatus changes and is not ‘online’. The Action is - Notification - Email - my address - subject message - body message.
  • Saved rule and then did not place it on the dashboard.
  • Didn’t work – same as above
  • Adding it to the dashboard, outcome same as above

Q. Am I using the wrong type of rule?

Q. Am I using the wrong trigger?

Q. Am I structuring the logic incorrectly?

Any advice on how to get the outcome I’m looking for – knowing when a camera goes offline – is much appreciated.

Thanks, SAM

Hi @Samantha_Gouveia - welcome to the community and thanks for posting. Unfortunately, the device health features aren’t the most reliable. Either not updating at all, or only updating within SmartThings but the events don’t get pushed out to other integrations like SharpTools.

There’s a community developed Device Monitor SmartApp which might do what you’re looking for. I haven’t personally tried it, but several users have mentioned it before:

To your original question, the structure of your rules looks fine. I think it’s just the source data that’s an issue. As you noted, you do not need to add the rule to your dashboard unless you want to manually run the rule flow (basically bypassing the trigger conditions).

PS. It looks like @James responded to your support ticket related to the same topic a few days ago, so I’m tagging him here for awareness too. :slight_smile:

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I don’t mean to distract from @Samantha_Gouveia question but @josh that is going to be super useful for me - I have some Shelly Door/Window sensors that are a bit buggy and go offline; have no way to know unless I go check the status in ST (and the STHM ignores those sensors if Offline) - I’m going to try this so I can get notification.

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thanks, Josh, weird haven’t had an email from James, so really appreciate you replying to my post.

What about a battery check, is there a rule for that?? was thinking if I set up a time-based trigger to tell me the battery % (if it can’t) then it must be offline?

Or a timer to take a recording?

And thanks for the IDE suggestions - it’s a bit out of my league, prefer the more intuitive interface of something like sharptools.

thanks SAM

@Samantha_Gouveia I just set this up SAM - it was really quick
Log into Samsung SmartThings Website with your Samsung Account
Click on My Smart Apps
Click the Blue + New SmartApp
Select the ‘From Code’ tab
Now - open the link @Josh posted and expand the code section
It will open in this page -
Now copy the entire content of that code (just drag your mouse over to highlight all of it then copy)
Go back to your Smartthings tab and paste the code in the blank field
Then hit ‘create’
Then in the new page - Save then Publish (to me)
That takes care of creating it
Now in your actual SmartThings app
Open Settings - SmartApps and 'add; - select the new app (Device Monitor)
and it will be active
Then you just set it up to monitor and report your devices (the setup is pretty intuitive)
Hope that helps!


Thank you so much will give it a go over the weekend.