New to SharpTools and need help

I recently switched over from Vera to Smartthings and feel I have made a mistake. I haven’t been able to get any rule I’ve created here in SharpTools to work. Besides savings the rule after I’ve created it is there anything else I need to do?? This rule is simple, when my Samsung TV turns on it turns on my z-wave switch that powers my subwoofer. I also tried to set it up so it would send me a text message that the TV is on. All I’m trying to accomplish with my first rule is when the TV turns on the switch turns on and when the TV turns off the switch turns off.

I also tried using a Samsung Outlet and when I create a rule in SharpTools to turn the sub on when the power is at or above 50W it doesn’t work but when I do the same thing in Smartthings automations it works fine so it seems like SharpTools seems to be the issue.

Any thoughts are appreciated

Welcome to the community, @Clint_Kirkland!

Can you please share a screenshot of one of the rules as you have them setup so far? Keep in mind that rules need at least one Trigger to kick them off.

For example, your first rule might look something like:

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I appreciate the response Josh. I’ve been doing some more testing today and I think I may have come across what has been the issue. I watched the youtube videos by SimplySmart123, specifically the one labeled SharpTools Rule-Engine Walkthrough and maybe I misunderstood but I thought he mentioned to always put an “IF” prior to the notification and you could leave it blank and the flow would still work correctly to the notification and just ignore the blank IF. I’ve created some very simple rules (open door and light turns on) without the IF and those appear to be working as expected.

I’m really hoping that this can become what I’m looking for as using the Vera it felt really restricted with only being able to use Zwave and not knowing Luup code.

Thanks again!

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Hi @Clint_Kirkland, you don’t need an IF_Condition priot to the notification if it is not needed, and it’s really up to your desired logic. We’ve seen lots of creative rules created using Rule Engine, including both simple and complex logic. Feel free to post the screenshots of your rules if you need any help troubleshoot or just to bounce the idea. (Don’t forget to mask your personal contact info such as the phone number or email in the notification.) :wink:

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