New Tile Insertion - slide remaining tiles horizontally in addition to vertically

When editing dashboards for adding new tiles, the tiles slide vertically down requiring the user to rearrange each subsequent tile upwards thru the end of the dashboard. An option (configuration toggle if people prefer the choice) to slide tiles horizontally when adding new tiles, would allow the tiles to maintain their sequence while making room for a new tile being added. I realize there are some complications involved especially when dealing with wide / tall tiles etc. but these could be solved on a use-case basis to minimize reshuffling of tiles.

Thank you for a great product!

@Avi_Kalderon, we have the “Scalable Dashboard” feature under beta test now. Since you are a beta tester, you may be interested to check it out if it helps with the dashboard editing for you. It is not exactly what you requested for, but would keep the tile position and scale at different screen sizes.

Thanks @James - I am using the Beta and like the results but as you said it doesn’t not address the feature request which is more aimed at day to day dashboard maintenance / edits / addition of new devices and tiles which is rather laborious in the vertical shifting that is currently implemented.