New computer log-in in issues

So I built a new computer… Windows 11x64… and SharpTools is having major issues. I’ve uninstalled Chrome and added it back, cleared cashes… etc. I even get the same thing with Microsft Edge. It’s just so odd since I was already properly logging in and editing. When I closed and reopened everyhing… I now get issues. It seems to work on my other devies.

IMaybe I’m missing something? Any help would be much appreciated.

Here are the screens I get…
As you can see, nothing shows up in the Google login window… then after 5 or so secconds it dissapears. I am able to phone login, but everything is gone (second image). It’s all there on my my other systems though.

Are you running any Network Security or Antivirus software on this computer? If so, I would try temporarily disabling it to see if that resolves the issue.

If it resolves the issue, you may need to whitelist SharpTools accordingly.

I just disabled everything antivirus and malware I have. Unfortunately still getting the same results. This is odd because it’s been flawless everywhere else I’ve ever run the dashboards from. I’ve also disabled every extension in Chrome.

Whats odd is I’m able to log in via phone, but under my account it says I have no dashboards on this computer. On my Android phone, windows laptop, and small Windows computer I’m fine.

What about extensions in Chrome? Since Edge is now based on Chromium, it auto-imports Chrome extensions too.

You could try disabling extensions or a different browser like Firefox as a test.

Edit: I just saw your comment about disabling Chrome extensions. It still seems like some sort of network filtering issue based on what you’re describing. Seems like key Google services like the login and our database aren’t accessible on your new PC.

So I just wanted to give an update. It turns out it was one of the Windows updates. I rolled them back to Jan and that seems to have fixed the problem. The updates have slowly been coming back online, but so far everything is still working. Thanks for trying to lend a hand. :slight_smile: