Netatmo TRV states?


Im going to crash the servers with all these questions!
In the UK we have limited choice of Smartthings devices that work.
For my heating i have chosen Netatmo, i currently have 4x valves set up. When copied into a dash board all i get is the current temperature but no way of adjusting it? It did mention set up states but ive no idea which symbol it recommended

to use? Ive attached a screenshot of what i get…

Hi @Andrew2, you can change the tile layout to “Thermostat Tile” by editing the dashboard, tap ... at top-right corner of those Netatmo tiles, select Change Layout, and then “Thermostat Tile” layout.



If you don’t see the option, and you are using a community developed device handler for the Netatmo device, instead of the built-in SmartThings device handler, please post the device handler link you use so we can take a look. Thanks.

That worked a treat.
Except for one thing, the up and down arrow either side of the current temperature don’t do anything, you have to click adjust and set it in a separate screen, any way to get those buttons to work without clicking adjust?

@Andrew2, can you verify what “mode” is the thermostat currently running at? You may want to change it to “heat” if it is not reporting “heat” mode. See another thread for the similar issue caused by the thermostat running “custom” mode which is not an officially supported mode in SmartThings.

This is them currently, only way to adjust is by clicking adjust and then a separate window appears.
The two arrows either side do nothing…

Looks like the thermostats are running Schedule mode. Can you change the thermostat mode to auto or heat, and try it again?

It doesn’t allow me. When changed to Heat - it doesn’t actually change anything on the main tile.

Is the thermostat using a community developed device-handler or something supplied automatically by SmartThings? The reason I ask is 'Schedule' is not a valid thermostat mode.

As James mentioned, you can manually adjust the Thermostat mode to one of the supported values to get the quick-adjust buttons to work. Or if it’s a heat-only or cool-only thermostat, we have an enhancement in beta which attempts to better support non-conforming thermostats. (Sending you an invite now)


No it’s from SmartThings itself.
It’s not actually a thermostat it’s a radiator valve.

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excuse my stupidity, how do i access the beta?

Hi Andrew, I have just sent you a PM with the beta access info. Please feel free to respond me directly for the beta test questions. :grinning:

Sorry for asking in this old thread. But did you manage to get it to work?
I don’t have a thermostat only the radiator valves and I can’t manage to the tiles to change the temperature. The mode also says schedule here.

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting! Can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing with the tiles?

And would you mind sending me a PM with the Doc ID of the device in question? I’m interested which capabilities and states the device is reporting.

  1. Open your User Page
  2. Tap the ... next to the location in question
  3. Scroll down and tap on the device
  4. Flip the ‘Advanced’ toggle in the top-right corner on and copy the Doc ID
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Hi Josh,
Thanks for getting back to me so fast.
This is my screenprint

I’ll send DM with ID

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I can’t find a way to send you a PM :see_no_evil:
What am I overlooking?

I just sent you a PM that you can reply to. The community software might restrict your ability to send PMs as a new community member. :slight_smile:

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