Nest thermostat and SmartThings

So after two months, Nest thermostat finally showed up in my SmartThings app, but when I go to smart app it says “no thermostat found” in the authorization page, any ideas?

It is actually a bit more strange (I guess nothing strange when you are talking about Google and ST) but the device does show up in devices on the app, but not in the device list in the IDE and I guess therefore it is not being picked up by the

Unfortunately Nest’s SmartThings integration is not open for any 3rd party integration at this point, so things like SharpTools or webCoRE are not able to control Nest via SmartThings with the new integration. Might be a good idea to voice your feedback in the SmartThings community so it can be heard by SmartThings team. :grinning:

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Another reason to switch to ecobee i guess

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There is a user created Hubitat implementation in delelopment: [Beta] Google SDM API - Nest integration

I’ve been using it for a few days and although it is a bit convoluted to set up (Google’s fault, not the developer), it is working fine for me.

Do you have this working within the Sharptools dashboard? If so, would you be willing to detail the steps in how you got this showing on the dashboard? Would be valuable information and one I would be willing to throw some venmo cash your way for your time.

So i have found a preety nice work around to make alexa routines work with sharptools. First you need to creat virtual url switches and enable this skill on alexa, then on sharptools add hyperlink and past the url trigger and create a new hyperlink tile on sharptools. Then go into alexa and use that url trigger that shows us as a switch to trigger routines. Using this trick i have sharptools tiles to trigger my roomba to come out and clean whichever room i want. Pretty cool work around. You can do the same thing but with nest. So creat the url trigger switch, make a routine in alexa saying if the switch is triggered to set your nest to lets say 72 degrees. This isnt a full integration, but it works.

This is what I use… works great.

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