Nest Google Cam in Sharptools?

Is anybody has used the Nest App share feed to live stream his Nest Cam in a Dashboard?
I had tried make to work my Wyze Cam V3 in Tiny Cam Pro…but its a really pain !!!..Tiny Cam Pro constantly crashes, I upgrade my WiFi speed, etc. Seems TinyCam Pro works okey if there is no access to the web server, but when I tried to configure API access in Sharptools crashes appears each 2 minutes to 2 hours randomly…

@Carlos_Juarez I am also wondering if the Android device is part of the problem why TinyCam crashes. I personally don’t use TinyCam but have heard many recommended the Nvidia Shield for running Tiny Cam, including the author of TinyCam. Just curious if you have contacted TinyCam’s support for their troubleshooting suggestion.

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Hi my friend, thanks for your kindly help. Im using an Android mobile, I thought by a moment this was not enough…Also, I had checked some TinyCam support, blogs, etc. but with nothing in concrete.

I think today, I just found what happened. A week ago I just moved the TP-Link router to the back of the TV shelf, wall mounted and for some reason this new location (just 1 mt away from its original) affected to Wyze Cam stable connection (electromagnetic interference??). Today I found that Wyze kbs indicator goes to 0 randomly but each 30-40 seconds. When Tiny Cam Pro web server was connected and Cam lattence matches Tiny cam crashes and Wyze Cam freeze by 5-10 seconds. I took router back to its original position and everything works well (until now), I set Wyze cam to 360 p to reduce wifi demand, Until now, seems could be work, but I will try Nest Cam for the outside.

Lesson (with some pain and little frustration :laughing:): For a TinyCam Pro good function a really strong and stable WiFi signal is a key, no matter connection speed but strenght and quality of the signal. use KBPS as indicator.